Six Things you Never Realised Could Be So Satisfying Until You Had a Baby

listSo I fancied a break from the norm this evening, so this isn’t strictly formula related (apart from No. 3) but, I’ve been thinking recently I do love writing a good list. I got to scratch that itch. So here we are, a list of Six Things you Never Realised Could Be So Satisfying Until You Had a Baby (it’s a catchy title I know). Here goes, in no particular order:
1. The feeling of wearing your massive pregnancy pants even though you’re not massively pregnant any more – I can’t lie to you, I’m wearing a pair now!! I just can’t get rid of them, I love them. Like a big pant hug every morning. Once you’ve gone big, you never go back.
2. The thrill of retrieving a bogey from another human beings nose. I get quite excited when I see one lingering up one and/or both of the tiny persons nostrils. And full on early morning facial snot crust removal??!! Don’t even get me started on that. That’s like nasal mucus bonanza!!
3. The satisfaction of peeling open the top of a new box of formula. Seriously, if you’ve never done it, give it a go. It’s like as satisfying as popping the top of a new ┬ájar of instant coffee with a teaspoon mixed with the feeling of being the first person out into the garden to play in the fresh snow. Bliss.
4. The sound of an automatic door swishing open. Oh how I LOVE automatic doors. I now do my pushchair encumbered shopping based on a strict hierarchy of shop door autonomy. It means that Argos and M&Co see a lot more of me, but I genuinely don’t care.
5. How utterly compulsive stacking plastic cups can be. Seriously, I do it like 50 times a day. I even do it when the tiny person has gone to bed and kid myself I’m ‘tidying up’. My name is Abby and I am a plastic cup stacking addict.
6. The feeling of jubilation of reaching into your coat pocket at the critical ‘pre-meltdown’ moment to find an actual dummy in there! Boom! Like finding a tenner you’d forgotten you had only way better.
So there you have it. List done. I’m off to stack some plastic cups.

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