A few good things…..the positives of formula feeding

3040689761_0639dd0ec9_zIt’s all too easy for people to focus on the negative aspects of formula feeding. As I’ve mentioned before I came to bottle feeding with reluctance, and for a very long time I could only see the bad in it. But 5 months on now with the fog of new motherhood lifted, I wanted to share with you some of the positive experiences that have come out of it:
1) I’ve never had to wonder how much milk he’s had: I know this is the eternal pondering of the breast feeding mum, if only boobs were see-through and all that. Well, bottles are see-through, and I know he just had 8ozs. Excellent!
2) Feeding isn’t all about me: it’s true, it’s not. Feeding is very much a group endeavour in this house. The other half has done his fair share of night-time feeding, and he usually settles little one to bed. It took me a while to be able to accept this as our family dynamic and to stop lambasting myself with tortuous words like ‘anyone could be his mother!’ and ‘if I was breastfeeding I’d have to do all the feeds, so I should get up with him/put him to bed/settle him at night’. Er, actually no. My other half is equally as responsible for this little urchin, so now I embrace the fact. No more personal flagellations. No guilt.   
3) I have my body back: I was all up for not having my body back and for continuing to live in a symbiotic existence with my baby, but I can’t lie, I like wine and I like exercise (but not at the same time). Having been so out of control of things when he first came into the world the gift of having my body back to myself a few months early is one I am now grateful for and it has helped me heal from the trauma of the first few weeks. My boobs do not have a life of their own, they belong to me now and we are getting along just fine. I can eat and drink what I like and I do…..hence the need for the exercise!
4) I know that 8ozs is just under 240ml: a very handy skill when translating imperial to metric measurements in your head when you don’t have the internet to hand.
So there you have it, a few good things I’ve experienced as a Formula Mum. 

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