Glass baby bottles, not as scary as they sound

It seems that plastic is an inescapable part of the modern mum’s reality, Formula or otherwise; and it pains me, it really does. Firstly it’s the sheer bloody volume of the stuff. You think of it, they make it out of plastic. Bottles, tippy cups, plates, bowls, spoons, toys, dummies the list goes on. Even if you uttered the phrase ‘of course we will only be having wooden toys’ when you lived on Planet Antenatal, I’m fairly certain that now you’re back on Planet Earth avec baby you’ll admit that the pre-baby you was being unreasonable.
But for Formula Mums and the pumping mums there is a whole other candy store of plastic delights to acquire.

IMG_7997 (1)

Just a fraction of my own personal plastic haul. Grim.

You might be forgiven for thinking buying a baby bottle was straight forward… excuse me whilst I have a wry chuckle to myself…….yeah, you would be wrong. Here is a photo of what a year of formula feeding a baby looks like in plastic form. And that’s not even all of it. I’ve given a few bits away and there are at least four bottles and a couple of tippy cups in circulation that weren’t available for the photo shoot.

It’s bloody insane. For the most part none of it is recyclable. Teats wear out (yes, this is a true fact) so have to be chucked and whilst it is possible to reuse bottles, they do get a bit scuzzy looking after a while and I know most just end up in the bin. I can’t do the maths, but that it A LOT of plastic in landfill.

But did you know that there is an alternative? The answer to that question is probably no. On account of the fact that the big wall of silence that is antenatal advice on bottle feeding probably didn’t think to tell you (yes, I’m going to keep banging on about it, any midwives reading? Good.).

There is such a thing as a glass baby bottle. Initially sounds a bit terrifying. But I’ve been looking into it, it really isn’t. Pretty much all the big brands make glass versions of their standard best selling bottles. Just a quick scan of the UK Amazon page show NUK Dr Brown’sBorn FreeAvent

Now this is mainly, I believe, to cater to the anti-BPA market, that’s Bisphenol A, a nasty that used to be in plastic and now isn’t so we don’t have to worry about it and probably never did in the first place, but I digress. But equally, if you’re looking to reduce your consumption of non recyclable plastic then glass versions of baby bottles would be a no brainer? NUK even do a version with a biodegradeable latex teat, sweet!

Other than the fact they are made with glass there are no differences on how you use them or care for them but at the end of their lives they can be ceremoniously chucked in the kerbside recycling box. 100% recyclable, 100% reusable.

For more information on the glass baby bottles available in the UK here some handy links to brand websites for y’all. I know a lot of mums and I don’t know anyone who uses glass bottles, but really don’t know why. I even looked for some reviews from people who had used them but pretty much drew a blank. The only reason I think of is that people just don’t really know they exist. So spread the word!
Dr Brown’s

The only brand I couldn’t seem to find any glass alternatives for was Tommy Tippee,  but as Mr Formula Mum will tell you, I am absolutely shit at looking for things. So they may well exist.

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