Independent advice for the formula mum…..a rare beast.



I image searched unicorns – rare beast – it was meant to be illustrative.

When it comes to advice about formula feeding it’s very hard to find Switzerland.

I’ve found being a formula mum, and latterly writing this blog, is that its neigh on impossible to find independent, unbiased advice about formula feeding. I’m either being told something by someone who wants me to sell me something; or I’m being told something by someone who doesn’t really want to be telling me it because really if I just tried a bit harder I could be breast feeding and then they could just tick that box on whatever policy based compliance form they have to fill in and we’d all be happier/healthier/have a higher IQ and not be obese, or something. Everyone has an agenda.

But like a dog with a bone I have persevered, and this week I came up trumps! Turns out the clever people at Which? have undertaken a bit of independent market research to address question surrounding infant formula, brand choice and value for money. It’s a great read, I recommend it. I will keep up the hunt and share more info as I find it.

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