My name is Abby and I am a Formula Mum. If you have stumbled across this blog the chances are you are probably using formula milk and I’m guessing you’re not finding it all that easy. You’re not alone, I didn’t find it easy and that’s why I started to write about it.

This is the blog for you if you’re sick of reading about how feeding your baby formula will make them an obese, allergy ridden, pre-diabetic imbecile. Formula Mums is all about straight forward, honest talk from the formula using front line.

I’m not anti-breastfeeding, I’m anti-bottle feeding guilt.

A brief disclaimer: what you wont find here is me boobie bashing or undermining the value of ‘liquid gold’ , there’s no need for that sort of carry on. In fact there’ll be scant mention of breasts at all, I didn’t really breast feed so I really don’t have much to say on the subject. That said I also wont be apologising for using infant formula, if you don’t like it, hop off and read something else.