Please forgive me, I need to rant


Every home should have this sign

OK, its only Tuesday and I don’t want to get all ranty this early in the week but I’m just sneaking 5 mins to do a bit of research into organic baby foods, and I naturally head to HiPP Organics website.

Once there I find that in order to read all about their wonderful 100% organic infant formula products I have to agree to the terms and conditions of a disclaimer, an IMPORTANT NOTICE no less, which explains to me that breast feeding is the best way to feed a baby (of course) and ‘By proceeding, you will be able to view information about HiPP Organic infant milks and other formulas. If you choose to do so, you are accepting that HiPP Organic is providing this information at your individual request for informational purposes’.

Wow, could I feel any more patronised? Here’s the thing, I have a brain, I have two degrees (one of the first class) and I don’t need to be patronised by people who make baby food. The bit that really irks me though is that HiPP feel they have to do this as an arse covering exercise to avoid being accused of promoting formula feeding…..on their own website…..where people come to learn more about their infant feeding products. THIS is what gets on my tits (excuse the pun) about the whole formula feeding thing, you are treated first and foremost like you are stupid, like it possibly hadn’t occurred to you that there might be another way to feed your baby and that even though you may be about to give these people your money they are going to have one last ditch attempt at making you aware that you have breasts and that milk can come out of them.

See for yourselves

Rant. Over.

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