I’m back! 2015 and beyond for a Formula Mum

Oh my giddy aunt! I think Kate Bush might have actually released an album and played a live gig since I last blogged. If you listen carefully you can hear the sound of me blowing the dust off my laptop keyboard and making multiple attempts to remember my Blogger username and password.
But here I am, so Happy New Year to you all!  5311059950_6da084de1c_z
The other morning whilst I sat watching my little moron cheerfully gagging on a bit of banana, it dawned on me that the end is in sight, we’re on the home stretch, only another few months and I can pack up the steriliser and the bottles (all of them, including the ones I bought and never used because they were crap – that’s another post). No longer will my kitchen work surface be sprinkled daily with a fine dusting of white powder (unless my life goes in a radically different direction) and it’ll all become a distant memory.
I could pack up this blog; no longer would I be a Formula Mum. Hell, if I wanted to I could rewrite history, tell any given stranger who cared to bring up the topic that I breastfed until whathisname was a year old. How on earth would anyone know any different? They wouldn’t, because you can’t tell be looking at him, he’s alive, he’s happy and he’s not still gagging on a chunk of banana you’ll be pleased to know.
But even though this will all soon become all a lot less relevant to me personally, I’m not ready to through in my towel yet.  There is this feeling in my gut that something is wrong, very, very wrong with how we are all going about this formula feeding lark. The whole picture is upside down and something very sinister is happening. I believe that the controls placed on the manufacture and marketing of infant formula in the UK, which ultimately exist to protect parents and babies, are perversely having the opposite effect in some cases. Why do I believe this? Well, in addition to my own rather difficult experience I have had many, many discussions with other mums on this topic. Whilst every story is different, the common themes were feelings of guilt, inadequacy, confusion and a perceived lack of antenatal information and an absence of easily accessible independent advice about bottle feeding.
Over and over again. Enuff said.
So over the next few weeks I will be posting more. One of the things I have been pondering whilst on my little blog break was the ‘what’ of what I want this to be. It takes time and commitment to write  a blog worth reading and I like do my research.  I now know that the focus of the blog is not ever going to be ‘which is best, breastfeeding or bottle feeding?'; I figure if you’re here and reading this then you’re way past having that kind of discussion. My aim is to build up a useful archive of interesting and stimulating resources  aimed at parents who want to seek out informed, independent advice about formula feeding (with possibly a small amount of swearing and, I hope, at least a modicum of humour).
I’m probably also going to move the blog to a new host and some other back office stuff that wont make much difference to anyone else and try to reinvigorate my local ‘bottle swap’ idea.
So there we have it, promises made. Stay tuned!

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